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HireSmith is the one-stop resource for recruiting with the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Whether you’re looking for a job or looking to hire, the HireSmith Career Portal puts a wealth of information at your disposal.

Powered by MBA Focus, HireSmith is a full service resource for employers, students and alumni.  Our employers search for ideal candidates to fill their business needs. Smith students and alumni conduct job searches, reach out to our coaches, and sign up for our career events.  

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2012 Undergraduate Senior Survey Results

Career Fair

Response Rates

  • September 2012 Response Rate: 622/723=86.0%
  • May 2012 608/723=84.1%











Still Seeking





Not Seeking





No Info





Salary Data

Smith School of Business Undergraduate Average Salary

  • September 2012: $52,878 (of respondents reported salary N= 308)
  • May 2012: $52,885

2012 Business Major National Average

  • $51,541 (Source: NACE Salary Survey, September 2012)

Average Signing Bonus 2012

  • September 2012: $11,093

Average Salary by Major


Respondents Reporting Salary

Sept 2012 Average Salary

National Average Salaries*

May 2012 Average Salary











Information Systems





International Business










Management Entrepreneurship*










Operations Mgmt.





Supply Chain





*Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Salary Survey September 2012. N/A indicates that NACE did not report an average starting salary for this major in September of 2012.

Geographic Location Where Students Found Jobs  


May & September 2012

Northeast (Includes ME, VT, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA


Mid-Atlantic (Includes PA, MD, DC, VA, WV, DE)


South (NC, SC, KY, TN, GA, FL, AL, AR, LA, MS)


Southwest (CO, AZ, TX, OK, NM)


Mid-West (WI, MO, KS, IA, MN, NE, MI, OH, IN, ND, SD, IL)


West (WA, TX, CA, HI, OR, AK, UT, NV, WY)


Islands/Territories (VI)


Contact Us

Office of Career Services:
Administrative Suite – 2520
Recruiting Suite – 2570
Main phone number: 301-405-2301

Office of Career Services Team Directory

Jeffrey Kudisch, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Corporate Relations,
Managing Director, Office of Career Services
Suite – 2520 301-405-9540
Julie Krakower
Assistant Director, Budget & Operations
Suite – 2520 301-405-6592
Jennifer Kinder
Director, MBA Career Programming &
Leadership Development
Suite – 2520 301-405-0167
Jeanne Fineran
Manager, Hospitality & Operations
Suite – 2570 301-405-8648
Sandra Staub
Technology Manager
Suite – 2520 301-405-1781
Customer Account Management
Cynthia O’Brien
Associate Director, Customer Account Management
Suite – 2570 301-405-9496
Carson Billingsley 
Strategic Relationships and Outreach Coordinator
Suite - 2530 301-405-2605
Shannon Broughton
Customer Account Coordinator
Suite – 2530 301-405-8652
Lizeth Gonzalez
Customer Account Manager
Suite – 2530 301-405-0444
Luke Dieguez
Customer Account Coordinator
Suite – 2530 301-405-6224
Employer & Business Development
Tucker Ophof
Director, Employer & Business Development
Stephen Bennett
Assistant Director, Employer & Business Development
Suite – 2520 301-405-8840
Employer Relations & Industry Advising
Dori Jamison
Director, Employer Relations, Consulting
Suite – 2570 301-405-3653
Kasandra Gunter Robinson
Assoc. Director, Employer Relations, Marketing &
Social Value Creation
Suite – 2570 301-405-8234
Dolores Daly
Assoc. Director, Employer Relations, Finance
Suite – 2570 301-405-9486
Jeff Stoltzfus
Assoc. Director, Employer Relations,
Technology & Entrepreneurship
Suite – 2570 301-405-7668
Undergraduate Student Programming & Talent Management
Ashlee Kerkhoff
Director, Undergraduate Student Programming
Suite – 2520 301-405-9475
Courtney Bigger
Associate Director, Undergraduate Student Programming
Suite – 2520 301-405-1335
Judy Martinez
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Programming
Suite – 2520 301-405-0306
Erin Fields Saddler
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Curriculum
Suite – 2520 301-405-8833
Career Coaches – Part-time MBA Talent Management & Career Coaching
Erika Harrigan
Assistant Director,
Part-time MBA Career Consultant / Baltimore
Jeff McKinney
Assistant Director,
Part-time MBA Career Consultant / DC
Julie Neill
Assistant Director, 
Part-time MBA Career Consultant / Shady Grove
Career Coaches – MS Talent Management & Career Coaching
Moneca Surida-Clyburn
Assistant Director, MS Career Programs
Suite – 2520 202-898 0750
Angela Vaughn
Assistant Director, MS Accounting
VMH – 4333S 301-405-4812
Career Coaches – EMBA
Rachel Loock
Associate Director, EMBA Career Coaching, Programming and Outreach
Suite – 2520 301-405-5399

Alumni Engagement

Our University of Maryland alumni actively support a variety of career events, including industry-specific mock interviews, alumni insights workshops, industry panels, and city campus networking events. Smith also has local and global alumni chapters that collaborate to reinvest in our students, share job opportunities and cultivate our expanded Smith professional community. The Office of Career Services works closely with our alumni at all stages of their careers.

Terps Helping Terps

No matter where your career may have taken you, you were a Smith School student – and a Terp – first. Pay it forward and help a fellow Terp in any number of ways.

  • Career Coaching: Our dedicated Coaches and Industry Advisors come from all corners of business to aid you in finding your perfect fit. They can help with career and major exploration, researching companies and positions, mock interviews, creating resumes and cover letters, preparing for the interview, and negotiating offers.
  • Facilitate Networking Events
  • Conduct Mock Interviews
  • Participate on Career Panels
  • Give to the Smith School


The Smith School hosts hundreds of events each year. Below are a sampling of events focused on lifelong learning and career networking. For a full listing of Smith School events - including Cupid's Cup Business Competition and the Social Enterprise Symposium - visit our online calendar.

Smith School Business Summit

The Smith School Business Summit (SSBS) provides an opportunity for the entire Smith community to engage in compelling discussions on current trends and strategies. The annual event is sponsored by the Office of Career Services and features a compelling keynote speaker, followed by a series of expert panels, ending with a cocktail reception. Widely regarded as one of Smith’s best events that brings together alumni, local businesses, students, faculty, and staff, SSBS registration fills up quickly.

Backyard Networking Series

Do you or your company have a job that could use a little turtle power? Our Backyard Networking Series is the perfect face-to-face conduit to share opportunities with other alumni. Casual networking events like these help us achieve our goal of keeping our alumni connected with the Smith community.

CEO @ Smith

CEO@Smith is a dynamic speaker series designed to connect our community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff with leading business practitioners and innovators. The interactive atmosphere blended with invaluable wisdom from top CEOs provides many exceptional opportunities throughout the year to learn from industry giants. Each event is free and open to the public, and takes place at 5:30 p.m. in Frank Auditorium, Van Munching Hall, at the University of Maryland, College Park. 

Lifelong Learning

Graduate Degrees

Looking to advance your career? The Smith School has many different options for working professionals. The top-ranked Smith MBA program is available in five convenient formats to fit your lifestyle: full-time, evening, weekend, executive, and online. Programs are held in College Park, Md., Baltimore, Md., Shady Grove, Md., and Washington, D.C. Smith also offers an executive MBA in Beijing, China.

Want to focus on a specific area? One of Smith's five MS in Business programs may be what you're looking for: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing Anayltics, and Supply Chain Management.

Executive Education

Already have a graduate degree but you want to get up to speed on new techniques? Smith has a full suite of open enrollment and custom Executive Education opportunities. Right now, the Cybersecurity Leadership Certificate Program is accepting applications for fall 2013.

Faculty Insight

Want to stay abreast of current business topics? Depending on your preferred method of delivery, the Smith School has various ways for you to catch up on what's being taught in the classroom.

  • Smith Business magazine and the Research@Smith newsletter highlight the latest faculty research and are available in print and online.
  • Smith faculty and administrators are tapped by the world's top news outlets every day for expert commentary. Smith School in the News features a compilation of top media hits.
  • Smith Business Close-Up is a five-minute biweekly television segment that focuses on the latest thinking in business management, and features in-depth interviews with Smith School faculty and other members of the school’s community of business leaders. The program is co-produced by the Robert H. Smith School of Business and Maryland Public Television.
  • Video on newsworthy hot topics, keynote speakers and event highlights is available on the Smith School YouTube channel.

Stay Connected

Class Profiles & Placement

Smith Students


Many recruiters visit schools with one thing in mind: hiring entry-level talent. At Smith, we can bring much more to your talent pipeline. Take the working professional, for instance. Why go through a search firm for your organization's mid- and senior-level leadership needs? We've got seasoned students with current skills and know-how to infuse your talent pipelines.

Class Profiles

Full-time MBA (College Park, Md.)

Our Smith full-time MBAs are smart, ambitious and focused team players. They arrive with an average of five years of work experience, are geographically mobile, and know that a graduate degree is their ticket to the job and salary they want. To them, career success means more than just a financially rewarding position. It means making a positive, sustainable impact on the world.

Many of our full-time MBA students are entrepreneurial and seek to either launch their own enterprises or work with start-ups. Innovative leadership development experiences, such as storytelling and IMPROV, enhance the persuasive speaking skills sought by recruiters.

Part-time MBA (Washington, D.C., Shady Grove, Md., Baltimore, Md.)

Smith part-time MBA students are proven professionals who are ambitious, resilient and motivated multi-taskers, bringing real-world, collaborative, problem-solving experience across government, commercial and non-profit sectors. They typically arrive with five-eight years of professional experience and seek meaningful work with expanded leadership responsibility.

Confident, yet grounded, they are well connected, politically savvy and make use of their expanded professional networks. These busy, mobile professionals are also masters of efficiency. They have a strong work ethic and hit the ground running. The majority offer interdisciplinary skills as they add the MBA to their varied backgrounds, including military leadership, to prepare for career transitions.

Executive MBA (College Park, Md., and Beijing, China)

Our executive MBA students are seasoned leaders with extensive work experience and enhanced leadership skills. They have a thirst for learning, are collaborative, entrepreneurial and receive intensive executive coaching throughout the programs 18-month duration.

The intense fast-paced program places strong emphasis on leadership across functional areas. Our executives have an average of 15 years of professional experience, and after mastering new skills that make world-class executives successful, can offer immediate benefits to your organization.

For more information about our China EMBA program click here.

Master of Science in Business Programs (College Park, Md., Washington, D.C., Shady Grove, Md., Baltimore, Md.)

Representing 20 countries from around the world, our MS in Business students are super-smart, global citizens with experience conducting business abroad. They have a strong record of academic achievement and possess excellent quantitative and analytical skills. These students are young in their careers, arriving with at least three years of work experience or internships, and are eager to learn and grow. Many are also bi-lingual and multi-lingual.

Our MS in Business students learn from the same world-renowned professors that teach in our MBA programs. These students are highly sought after by multinational firms for their enhanced analytics skills and specialized knowledge. Currently there are six MS degrees in accounting, finance, information systems, marketing analytics, and supply chain management.

Hiring International Students

As a top-ranked global business school, students come to Smith from all over the world. We have engaged an immigration attorney to help answer any questions you may have about how to employ these talented students and successfully navigate the H1B process. Our goal is to make hiring our international students easy, efficient and exceptional.

Placement Statistics

The employment data provided broadly groups students by their career choices as defined by industry, function and location. This report for full-time MBA placement statistics conforms to the MBA Career Services Council (CSC) standards for reporting MBA statistics.


Our undergraduate program is widely recognized as "The Crown Jewel of the Smith School." Smith School undergrads are among the brightest students at the University of Maryland. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are willing and eager to do what is required to succeed in their job search and career. Highly sought after by the Big 4 and other accounting firms, many of our undergraduate accounting majors graduate with eligibility to sit for the CPA exam.

The following undergraduate majors are available in business: AccountingFinanceManagement, Information SystemsInternational BusinessSupply Chain ManagementMarketing, or Operations Management.

Placement Statistics

See our most recent Undergraduate Placement Statistics. The employment data provided broadly groups students by their career choices as defined by industry, function and location.



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