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Oct 01, 2010

Research by Leigh Anenson

When AIG executives received their annual bonuses even after the struggling firm took $700 million in federal bailout funds, a storm of public criticism erupted. AIG justified its decision to pay the bonuses by claiming it was contractually obliged to do so.

Oct 01, 2010
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The Smith EMBA program is more than a degree program — we like to think of it as an 19-month-long executive development experience. That experience is dynamic and life-changing, opening your mind to the essence of strategy, broadening your circle of connections to include new peers and faculty, and developing your ability to lead in ways that are difficult to imagine…and difficult to explain through a Web page. In fact, we’d much rather you open a personal dialogue with us than open our Web page.

Oct 01, 2010

Business schools spend a lot of time teaching students how to create value for their companies and their associated stakeholders. It is part of the Smith School’s vision to also teach students to create social value for themselves, their communities and their world.


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