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Student Involvement

QUEST Student Organizations

There are tons of ways for QUEST students to get involved outside of the classroom. Below is a list of some of the organizations that students can get involved in.

QUEST Student Organization

QUEST Student Organization (QSO)

QSO is responsible for planning events for all QUEST students. Past events have included Welcome Back Bowling, QUEST Formal, Student/Alumni dinners, End of the Year BBQ, etc. QSO is focused on creating bonds between cohorts and a community within QUEST. If interested in learning more about QSO or getting involved, contact Tony Trinh (Cohort 21) at anthony1trinh@gmail.com.


QUESTPress is the program's monthly publication designed to communicate with the entire QUEST community which include students, faculty, alumni, corporate sponsors, and parents. It is a way to keep everyone connected. By being a part of QUESTPress, students have a unique opportunity to reach out to these various QUEST affiliates and grow their network. Part of the role of the QUESTPress team also includes building strategies for new ways to engage with the community. If you are interested in being a part of the team or writing a featured article, email Bobby Fitzgerald (Cohort 21) at bobfitzpv@yahoo.com.

QUEST Recruiting

QUEST Recruiting is responsible for promoting the QUEST program to prospective students and encouraging them to be a part of the program. You can get involved with QUEST Recruiting by becoming an Ambassador, volunteering to assist the Recruiting Board with tabling, information sessions, and other recruiting events, or by simply spreading the word about QUEST! To learn more about QUEST Recruiting or get involved, contact Jessica Lewis (Cohort 23) at jlewis10@terpmail.umd.edu.

QUEST Marketing (QMT)

The QUEST Marketing Team (QMT) is responsible for the overall promotion and brand awareness of QUEST, both within the University of Maryland and externally among corporate sponsors and companies. The QMT recently rebranded the QUEST program and is currently working to redesign QUEST marketing materials, merchandise, and corporate literature accordingly to bring a consistent look and feel to the program. Students on the QMT have the hands-on opportunity to learn about branding, marketing, and communications. For more information, contact Rachel George (Cohort 21) at rgeorge@terpmail.umd.edu.

Curriculum Review Committee (CRC)

The QUEST Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) is responsible for maintaining and improving the QUEST curriculum. QUEST courses and electives are challenging courses focusing on innovation, quality systems management, and teamwork. The electives, reviewed and approved by the CRC and nominated by QUEST students, enable students to shape their QUEST experience to fit their unique interests while ensuring that QUEST's learning outcomes are met. Through these courses, students gain insight into the fields of design, quality, systems thinking, consulting, and innovation. By serving on the CRC students are able to have a say in their education through approving elective courses, evaluating courses based on QUEST's learning outcomes, and overseeing the continual academic improvement ever present in the QUEST program.  For more information, contact Sarah Niezelski (Cohort 22) at sarah5@comcast.net

QUEST Corporate

QUEST Corporate assists with building, managing, and maintaining QUEST's corporate partner relationships and sponsorships. Our second mission, acting synergistically with our first, is to provide QUEST students with exclusive career building opportunities, unique to our program. Throughout the year, QUEST Corporate hosts the annual QUEST Career Fair and workshop sessions in which our corporate sponsors build the professional skill sets of our students. If you're interested in learning more about QUEST Corporate, contact Ilan Gold (Cohort 22) at igold94@gmail.com.