IBM Business Analytics Workshop

The Fifth Annual Robert H. Smith School of Business and
IBM Business Analytics Workshop
"Cybersecurity Analytics"

Monday, May 18, 2015

Robert H. Smith School of Business [directions]
University of Maryland
College Park, MD

Since the early beginnings of the Internet, compromised data security and breaches have been important concerns. In the last decade, these concerns have escalated to unprecedented heights with increased globalization of finance and commerce, heightened competition in intellectual property, and the emergence of the threat of cyber-terrorism and cyber-warfare. In such an environment, a very important skill for government entities and corporations alike is using and processing data intelligently to rapidly identify and thwart attacks and potential breaches, and to fix vulnerabilities in systems and defenses to prevent future threats.

Business analytics techniques such as data mining, statistical pattern recognition, network optimization, and big data analysis are becoming vital tools on this front. Related applications span a wide range, including defense, intelligence, homeland security, financial data and intellectual property, security, secure commerce, and infrastructure protection.  

This workshop brings together thought leaders from the University of Maryland, IBM and the federal government to provide perspectives and share ideas on how to utilize business analytics techniques to improve cybersecurity. The presentations will focus on how analytics methodologies can be employed to that end. A panel discussion will seek to analyze and highlight synergies across the ideas and methodologies provided by the presentations.

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