2010 Symposium

Social Enterprise Symposium: Transforming Business for the Global Good

5 – 9 p.m. Thursday, March 25
Frank Auditorium, 1524 Van Munching Hall

Social Enterprise Symposium

On March 25, 2010, the Center for Social Value Creation hosted the 2nd annual Social Enterprise Symposium, a student-run program designed to introduce new approaches for making impactful, lasting social change around the world using market-based approaches. The event brought together private, public and nonprofit practitioners who are crossing traditional barriers to enable social and environmental change. Attendees selected from multiple plenary sessions that ranged from topics in social media to sustainability to financing social change.  Read summaries of the sessions.

The event culminated in a networking fair and reception. Check out the terrific lineup of organizations that attended the fair.

Brought to you by the Terp Changemakers

Ashoka Team

The Ashoka Changemaker Campus Team – also known as Terp Changemakers – leads the planning efforts for the annual Social Enterprise Symposium. Through this and other events across the campus, the team is setting the wheels in motion to make the University of Maryland an incubator of changemakers with innovative ideas for improving society.

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