The 5th Annual Social Enterprise Symposium: “Here and Now” 

Friday, March 1, 2013, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland


9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Registration
10 - 11 a.m. Morning Keynote
11 a.m.– 12 p.m. Breakout Session 1
12 – 12:30 p.m. Break / Professional's Networking Lunch
12:30 – 1:30 p.m. Breakout Session 2
1:30 - 3 p.m. Breakout Session 3 / Workshops
3 - 4 p.m. Afternoon Keynote
4 – 5 p.m. "No Limits" Social Impact Pitch Competition
5 – 7 p.m. Networking Reception


How can organizations be agents of change? Join Elysa Hammond of CLIF Bar and learn how they are getting it done. This decade old company has achieved double-digit annual revenue growth, won a long list of employment, diversity, and sustainability awards, and has ultimately raised the bar for fellow entrepreneurs on what it means to be a sustainable business.

  • Elysa Hammond, Director of Environmental Stewardship

BREAKOUT SESSION 1: 11 – 12 p.m.

"Key Ingredients for a Mission Driven Enterprise"

Running a financially profitable and socially responsible company requires a unique blend of skills. This engaging session features business leaders of well-established triple bottom line companies in a conversation about what it takes to make money while doing good. Moderated by Richard Eidlin, Policy Director for the American Sustainable Business Council, this session will include live twitter engagement with the audience for real time questions.

  • Amy Hall, Director of Social Consciousness, Eileen Fisher
  • Anas "Andy" Shallal, Founder, Busboys and Poets
  • Richard Eidlin, Policy Director for the American Sustainable Business Council

"Storytellers: From the Diaries of Social Entrepreneurs"

Social Entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. What does it take to be one, and what are the challenges? Meet three social entrepreneurs who are tackling issues ranging from education to the environment. Hear their first hand stories and personal moments of reflection as they take you on a journey of living the dream of social impact.

  • Marisa Stubbs, Founder, Food for Life
  • Nick Martin, Co-founder and President, TechChange
  • Natalia Oberti Noguera, Founder & CEO, Pipeline Fellowship
  • Josh Notes, Co-founder, greeNEWit (UMD Alumnus)
  • Darius Graham, Co-founder, DC Social Innovation Project

"Reinventing the Economy: Value Creation & Capital Markets"

The recession has profoundly impacted both the private and nonprofit sectors causing many to question the integrity of our current economic system. How can we transform this system to solve the world’s toughest challenges while also generating compelling financial returns across sectors?

  • Dr. Elizabeth Boris, Founding Director, the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, The Urban Institute
  • Divya Mankikar, VP Business Development, North America, TruCost
  • Drew Tulchin, Managing Partner, Social Enterprise Associates
  • Bennet A. Zelner, Smith Faculty

"Advancing the Nonprofit Funding Model - A Board Room Discussion"

Calvert Board Room (2nd Floor) By Invitation Only
The nonprofit sector is critical to addressing some of society’s toughest issues. But as traditional nonprofit funding streams dry up nonprofits are now faced with cultivating cash flow. Join Larry Bram, Senior Vice President for Innovation & Program Development at Easter Seals for an in-depth discussion on the future of nonprofits, and planning for the long-term by encouraging sustainable business model innovation. This session is by invitation only, and is geared toward MBA's, MPP’s, and undergraduates with a proven interest in nonprofit management. Only 19 seats are available.

  • Larry Bram, Senior Vice President for Innovation & Program Development at Easter Seals Serving DC | MD |VA


Registered professionals will have the opportunity to mix, mingle and ‘talk shop’ at this professionals only networking lunch.


Sustainable Campus Tour  (In partnership with the UMD Office of Sustainability)

The Sustainable Campus Tour is hosted by our friends at the Office of Sustainability and brings you the latest on sustainability at UMD. Departing from the main lobby, the tour features the Cumberland green roof, Eppley Moss Filtration system, and the School of Public Health Garden. Join us, and find out why UMD is one of 18 colleges and universities to make the Princeton Review's Green College Honor Roll.

BREAKOUT SESSION 2: 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

"Social Entrepreneurs as Peacekeepers in Conflict & Post Conflict Environments"

In 2012 movements of historic proportions swept across the Middle East and North Africa and helped draw attention to both the tremendous opportunity and risk involved in nation building and peacebuilding. Explore what it means to be a social entrepreneur and advocate for peace during times of serious conflict.

  • Dr. Zachary D. Kaufman, Attorney and Social Entrepreneur
  • Conor B. French, Chief Executive Officer, Indego Africa
  • Emily Arnold-Fernández, Founder and Executive Director, Asylum Access
  • Dr. David Backer, Assistant Director, Center for International Development and Conflict Management
  • Anthea Zervos, Social Entrepreneur & Founding Member of the National Vision for Sierra Leone (NVSL)

"Social Value as a Driver of Corporate Strategy"

Can corporate social impact be truly profitable, or is it the next passing trend? Explore why profit-centered companies are increasingly embedding social value in strategy and daily operations.

  • Kathy Brown, Senior Vice President Public Policy Dev. and Corporate Responsibility, Verizon
  • Dave Stangis, Vice President - Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, Campbell Soup
  • Louise Muth, Global Communications Coach
  • Shawn Basak, Senior Engagement Manager, Mission Measurement

The Right Fit: 3 Business Models for Social Impact

How can different business models be leveraged to realize financial success and social impact? Explore three examples to gain an understanding of how they differ and which model is best for your next big social impact idea.

  • Scott Allshouse, President Mid-Atlantic Region, Whole Foods
  • Ginna Newton, Chief Financial Officer, Carbon War Room
  • Nick Vilelle, Founder, CAUSE Philanthropub
  • Dr. Curtis Grimm, Smith Faculty

"Innovation & Financial Strategy - A Board Room Discussion"

Calvert Board Room (2nd Floor) By Invitation Only
Join Wellford Dillard, Chief Financial Officer at GetWell Network and former VP of finance at OPower for an exclusive board room discussion on what it takes to develop and execute strategies that accelerate growth and social impact. This session is invitation only and is geared toward MBA's and undergraduates with a proven interest in financing change and social value creation. Only 19 seats are available.

  • Welford Dillard, Chief Financial Officer, GetWell Network (UMD Alumnus)


"More than Money Career Workshop"

Learn how to concretely translate past experience and education into a well-paying job aligned with individual values. The session includes insights from brain plasticity research, a winning structure to organize your efforts, and success stories that will motivate you to go from intention to action as you build a path to meaning and money.

  • Dr. Mrim Boutla, Co-founder and Managing Partner, More than Money Careers

"College Park Impact Workshop"

Experience a taste of Design Thinking by engaging in a creative brainstorming session aimed at helping a local organization address a complex business or sustainability challenge. Facilitated by an expert Design Strategist.

  • David Lemus, Design Strategist, Peer Insight (UMD Alumnus)

"Think Sustainable Design Workshop"

Diminishing resources, high risk supply chains, and growing consumer demands have placed sustainable product design at the top of the list for many companies. Explore what it means to 'think sustainable design' in this hands on workshop.

  • Dave Podmayersky, Sustainability Director, Earth Color LLC
  • Jonathon Atwood, Vice President of Sustainable Living and Corporate Communications, Unilever North America
  • Dr. Joe Bailey, Smith Faculty

Documentary and Discussion, “FIXING THE FUTURE”
Hoff Theater, 0126

Fixing the Future takes you on a journey visiting people and organizations across America attempting a revolution: the reinvention of the American economy. By featuring communities using sustainable and innovative approaches to create jobs and build prosperity, Fixing the Future inspires hope and renewal in a people overwhelmed by economic collapse. The film highlights effective, local practices such as: local business alliances, community banking, time banking/hour exchange, worker cooperatives and local currencies. This is a 60 minute film followed by a rich discussion with some of the organizations featured in the film.

STRETCH BREAK: 3 – 3:15 p.m.


How can one individual make a difference? Join us for an inspiring afternoon keynote featuring a remarkable social entrepreneur who's making an impact and changing the world.

  • Lisa Hall, President & CEO , Calvert Foundation


No limits – it’s not a question; it is a statement about Social Entrepreneurship. Get inspired and cheer on some of UMD's brightest students as they pitch their ideas to change the world. First prize is $3,000 of start-up capital, plus in-kind services including access to the CSVC's social entrepreneurship network. In partnership with the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship and the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit LeadershipFind out more!

Judges include:

  • Jigar Shah, Consultant, Entrepreneur and Author of "The Impact Economy"
  • Devin Schain, Founder & CEO of Campus Direct, Inc.
  • Lisa Hall, President & CEO , Calvert Foundation


Join us for our newly revamped catered Network Reception where you can mix and mingle with for-profit and nonprofit organizations who are leading the effort on corporate social responsibility, sustainability and more. A "speed networking" style engagement will kick off at 5:00 p.m. followed by the announcement of the winners of the No Limits Social Impact Pitch Competition. Featured organizations include:

  • PwC
  • greeNEWit
  • Goodwill Industries International
  • More than Money Careers
  • Ashoka
  • The Social Enterprise Alliance of Baltimore
  • Ernst&Young
  • and others!