Rajshree Agarwal

What Success Really Looks Like

Strategy often starts as theory built in an ivory tower. Leaders assess their perceived strengths and weaknesses, match these with perceived environmental opportunities and threats, and then descend from above to attempt implementation. This is when intended strategy slams into reality in a turbulent world. Assumptions often prove false, conditions change, or visions fail to resonate. The terrain is almost always rough, and the path to success rarely unfolds in a straight line. Some leaders press forward stubbornly despite mounting evidence of trouble, while others bail too quickly on a winning formula. Strategic leaders do neither. They navigate the changing landscape with confidence, keeping the following five guidelines in mind.

Tesla Patent Pledge a Win-Win; Tax Code the Scandal in EU Probe: UMD Experts

Faculty experts in the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business are available to expand on comments, below, regarding Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announcing his company will open its patented technology to competitors and European Union regulators investigating whether such major firms as Apple and Starbucks are violating EU tax law.

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