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Reform the Patent Office to Unleash Innovation

The U.S. patent system is supposed to reward and therefore encourage innovation, but is beset with challenges: Patent applications are growing exponentially, patent "trolls" file expensive lawsuits, and companies like Apple and Samsung sometimes appear to be competing as much through patent litigation as in the marketplace. Smith professor Joseph P. Bailey outlines possible solutions, including some that the patent office already is pursuing. Read more...

UMD-FDA Workshop on Mobile Health and Social Media Analytics for Product Safety

The Food and Drug Administration is looking to get, and stay, on the same page with producers and users of medical wearables. The FDA mission to regulate medical devices to protect consumers is challenged by the mobile health field continuously innovating new products. Harnessing user data is one way to keep pace. Thus, regulators and experts from industry and academia will gather on Friday, Sept. 11, 2015 in the University of Maryland’s Adele H. Stamp Student Union to discuss the opportunities and challenges these data sources create.

Weiming Zhu

Weiming Zhu began the program in Fall 2011. His research interests include supply chain finance intersection and supply chain management. Weiming's working papers explore intermediation in supplier finance, buy back finance, and spatial onsumption inequality and welfare gains from e-commerce.

Mustafa Sahin

Mustafa Sahin began the program in Fall 2012. His research interests include combinatorial optimization, large scale optimization, graph theory and network flow problems, and implementation of metaheuristics and exact algorithms for NP-Hard problems. Mustafa's work has been published in Networks, Computers & Operations Research, and Transportation Research, Part: C.

Liu Ming

Liu Ming began the program in Fall 2012. His research interests include modeling and empirical study in areas of pricing and supply chain management.

Wenchang Zhang

Wenchang Zhang began the program in Fall 2013. His research interests include data driven behavior analysis in healthcare and marketing. Wenchang's work has been featured in the Journal of Immunology

Ai Ren

Ai Ren began the program in Fall 2015. His research interests include healthcare services and specifically examining modeling challenges. 

Lida Apergi

Lida Apergi began the program in Fall 2015. Her research interests include healthcare operations research. Lida's research is part of joint program with University of Maryland's Institute of Systems Research.


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