The 'Echoverse': A New Way to Think About Brand-Consumer Interactions

Most studies of the interactions between companies and consumers look at one piece of the puzzle: Advertising or social media or news coverage or consumer sentiment as measured in surveys. An ambitious new study from the Smith School examines how messages about brands across various channels interact in a complex set of feedback loops the authors call the "echoverse." Read more...

Smith Undergrads Take Second in Wake Forest Marketing Analytics Summit

A team of five undergraduates from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business took home second place in this year’s Wake Forest Marketing Analytics Summit, a case competition held annually at WFU’s campus in Winston-Salem, N.C. After 2 weeks of preparation and an intense day of competition, the students returned triumphantly to College Park with the second place trophy and $5,000 in prize winnings. Smith won the competition in 2015, 2013 and 2009.

Using Big Data to Match Students and Colleges

It's college decision time for many high-school seniors, but the process that students and their families use to choose where they'll enroll is far from optimal. They "look at prices, and they look at rankings, but they might not put emphasis on other details that might be more important," says Anamaria Berea, a postdoctoral research associate at the Smith School. Berea's research may lead to better matches between students and colleges. Read more ...

Javazen’s Hustle, Savvy Stand Out in Cupid’s Cup Victory

Javazen, which blends coffee with teas and superfoods for “a healthier caffeine boost,” topped five other entries in the 11th annual competition, established by Under Armour Founder and CEO Kevin Plank -- in collaboration with his alma mater and founding "university partner" the University of Maryland. The finals took place Thursday, April 7, 2016, at UMD’s Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Javazen founders and UMD graduates Eric Golman ’15 (economics and environmental science), Ryan Schueler ’14 (marketing), Aaron Wallach ’14 (kinesiology and exercise science) took home the grand prize, which includes $75,000, in-kind services and guidance from top business leaders, and the prestigious Cupid’s Cup title.

How to Pursue Successful Digital Strategies

Conventional wisdom in strategy holds that companies need to choose between cost-cutting or revenue growth. Pursuing both strategies at the same time can result in incoherence — or getting stuck in the middle. But that conventional wisdom is challenged by a new study from the Smith School, which suggests that firms can pursue dual-focus or "ambidextrous" IT strategies successfully. Read more ...

Five Makeover Tips for the Avon Lady

Remember the Avon Lady? Back when neighbors still talked to each other face to face, she waited until the men went to work and then came calling with cosmetics and perfumes. That business model doesn’t work so well in 2016 — at least in the United States. But Smith School marketing professor P.K. Kannan says direct marketing companies are finding more success in emerging markets abroad. He lists at least five reasons for the shift. Read more...

In Today's Advertising Environment, Cleverness Can Backfire

One theory of advertising holds that display ads need a degree of nuance or visual complexity in order to capture the viewer's attention. But that fails to take into account the increasingly cluttered and hectic context in which ads are viewed today, according to Michel Wedel, distinguished university professor and PepsiCo Chair in Consumer Science at the Smith School. In many cases, Wedel argues, simple is better. Read more ...

Small Cans of Soda? You May Not Drink Less

For years soda servings have been ballooning. For its first half-century, Coke's main product was a 6.5-ounce bottle. Later came the reign of the 12-oz. can. In recent years, you couldn't get anything smaller than a 20 oz. behemoth bottle from many vending machines. A health-related backlash against sugary drinks has put the industry on the defensive, and one way soda companies are fighting back is by offering small portions. Read more...

Giving Day is March 3

Giving Day returns to the University of Maryland on Thursday, March 3, giving all members of the Robert H. Smith School of Business community the opportunity to boost their contributions through several hourly contests held across campus. From noon until 2 p.m., the Smith faculty and staff’s donations will be eligible for an extra $3,000 prize to be awarded to the Smith School - if they can donate the most money of any on-campus unit within that timeframe.


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