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Smith Undergrads Attend IANA Logistics Expo in Florida

Twenty-four supply chain students from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business traveled to the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) EXPO on Sept. 20-22, 2015, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. The students are in the school’s Supply Chain Management Fellows program, which is fully funded by IANA, and the trip was part of the “Seminar in Supply Chain Management: An Executive Perspective” (BMGT 471) course.

Not-So-Friendly Skies

American, Delta and United are going to legal war against the Gulf Carriers — Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. They want the Gulf carriers' access to U.S. airports to be limited, because, they say, those carriers are state-supported and therefore have an unfair advantage in competition. Under an arrangement known as "open skies," airlines of many nations can freely compete on international routes, so long as they don't receive subsidies. Smith School professor Martin Dresner, who studies the airline industry, weighs in. Read more...

Isaac Elking

Isaac Elking began the program in Fall 2011. His research interests include supply chain innovation, strategic inventory, power dynamis, and transportation demand. Isaac's research has been published in Transportation Journal.

John Patrick Paraskevas

John Patrick Paraskevas began the program in Fall 2012. His research interests include supply chain power and dependency, supply chain cooperation, supply chain risk management, international supply chain management and cultural issues within supply chain. 

Alan Pritchard

Alan Pritchard began the program in Fall 2013. His research interests include inventory management, product and service variety, and transportation and logistics management.


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